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With permission from apartment management, I transformed a barren plot of dirt next to our dumpster into a vibrant community garden. I used print marketing and good ol’ face-to-face interactions to recruit neighbors to the project, which helped us pool resources, create a sense of place in our building, and divvy up watering duties.



I collaborated with Meg Dalton, RJ Mercede, and Brien Buckman to bring this global talk series to Connecticut.  In five minutes, Ignite speakers share stories about their personal and professional using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. Stamford is most known for its role in the finance industry, but none of us worked in that field and knew there were creatives and passionate entrepreneurs living all around us, we just had to find them! In my role as digital media manager, I designed our website and managed event promotion through social media and blogging. I also contributed to speaker, media and community outreach, ticket sales, and event setup.

Not only did the events give our neighbors the chance to share their stories, but we also built a pretty sweet community in the process. (Photo above is from my own Ignite Stamford talk when I asked the audience to close their eyes and breathe.)