Kristen Domonell


Right as Rain is an online publication for millennial and Gen X women in the Pacific Northwest created to highlight UW Medicine's expertise in education, research, and patient care. I worked as a member of the consumer engagement team to establish editorial guidelines, write landing page copy, develop and launch the site, write in-depth articles, and collaborate with designers to enhance the look and feel of the publication. The site won silver in the 2018 Healthcare Advertising Awards new media category and was a finalist in the 2018 Content Marketing Awards in the “Best New Digital Publication – Editorial” category.



Chronic illnesses can be confusing, isolating, stigmatizing… and invisible. On top of that, most people think only older people are affected. That can make being young while grappling with an autoimmune disorder, mental illness, chronic pain and a whole host of other chronic conditions a tough pill to swallow. Inspired by our coursework as members of Northwestern's M.S. in Health Communication inaugural class, Sanaz Amirpour and I set out to create an online publication to address this issue.

I designed the website and served as editorial director, working with a dozen contributors and two interns to provide story guidance and edit all content before publication. The publication attracted 4,000 visitors in the first 72 hours after launch. In addition, our content was shared by influential advocates and organizations and we received an invitation from Arianna Huffington to republish articles on The Huffington Post. We are no longer updating the site regularly, but you can find all our content on Medium.



Before it became Verywell Health, the health vertical was facing a serious challenge. While much of the content was accurate, reliable, and useful, several thousand articles required robust edits and rewrites to bring it up to current standards and play nice with Google's algorithm. My work included editing and rewriting hundreds of health, wellness, rare disease, condition-specific, and lifestyle articles at lightening speed with a focus on style, accuracy, and SEO.


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