Yoga, a Personal Bio

I spent my first yoga class, as a 13-year-old freshman in high school who couldn't touch her toes, giggling with my girlfriends in the dimly lit auxiliary-gym-turned-makeshift-yoga-studio. I was uncomfortable in my skin and it's safe to say the teachings didn't stick.

Eight years later, in college, I signed up for a quarterly yoga class for an easy, senior-year credit and spent nine weeks wearing socks to cover my "ugly big toes" and wondering why I was less flexible than the male lacrosse players in the class, as we all begged for 30-minute nap times our overly tired bodies and minds so desperately craved. I was still uncomfortable in my skin, and it's safe to say the teachings didn't stick.

I dabbled with yoga at my gym from time to time over the next few years, but, a self-proclaimed gym rat, I thought if I wasn't beating myself up on a treadmill or in a boot camp, my time spent moving just wasn't time well spent. But, as one of my beloved teachers pointed out, you don't find yoga, yoga finds you. Yoga latched onto me in a beach town in Costa Rica on Valentine's Day in 2013, and has been unwilling to let go since.

I often think about my life in Before Yoga and After Yoga terms, as the decision to dive headfirst into a regular yoga practice has changed my relationships with myself, others, and the world around me in such a profound way that I almost don't recognize the girl in the years BY who felt so small, reactive, and eager to please.

I am drawn to teach because I know what it feels like to finally find your toesand yourselfafter years of grasping with no luck, and want to help empower others to step into that experience. My classes will challenge you in an accessible way and always feature intelligent and safe sequencing with a healthy dose of alignment cues.

As a journalist, I am a storyteller at heart, and I enjoy infusing observations, poetry, and music into my classes. I completed my 200-hour teacher training at yogaview in Chicago in 2015 while completing my MS in Health Communication at Northwestern University, and am currently pursuing an additional 300-hour advanced training through Seattle Yoga Arts.

You can find me at OmTown Yoga in the Bryant neighborhood of Seattle every Tuesday at 6 p.m.


Photo: Playa Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, 2013

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