I Tried 6 Alarm Clocks To Cure My Snoozing Problem—Here's What Happened

As a notoriously sleepy person, I always dream of one day magically transforming into a morning person. While I'd love to get out of bed sans alarm, meditate, write in my journal, and eat breakfast all before sunrise, I'm far from that ideal morning.

My usual routine goes something like this: snooze button, sleep, snooze button, sleep, "leave me alone, cat," curse, curse, and scroll, scroll, before finally dragging myself out of bed 45 minutes later than I had planned, while still feeling more than half asleep. 

It turns out that it's probably not my fault. Some people may just be genetically hardwired to be morning people, research finds. But since I haven't ordered genetic tests to know for sure if my morning-averse nature is in my DNA, I decided to see if there was something out there that could help change my ways. A wake-up fairy godmother, if you will. With so many alarms on the market designed for people just like me, I hoped that trying a handful might help me find something that would finally change my relationship with mornings once and for all. Here's what happened.

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