Everyday Mindfulness: How Tuning In Can Help Your Health

These days, mindfulness is practically a household word. It’s not just your mom sending you articles about mindful dishwashing, either. The Seattle Seahawks rely on mindfulness meditation for a competitive edge, and it’s so mainstream that companies from Google and Twitter to Aetna and Goldman Sachs have embraced mindfulness trainings for their employees. 

It seems that mindfulness is catching on as a hack for increased productivity for good reason. Even just two weeks of mindfulness training might be enough to improve reading comprehension, working memory and the ability to focus, research suggests. And really, who wouldn’t want to think more clearly while getting more done?

But if all of this seems too good to be true, or the whole concept of mindfulness seems a little easier said than done, we’ve got your back.

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Right as RainKristen Domonell