7 Science-Backed Health Hacks That Actually Work

In today’s fast-paced world, we’re all looking for quick ways to take charge of our health. That’s probably why biohackers are willing to drink butter for breakfast in the name of superhuman energy and… fat loss? And why the Quantified Self movement — or the practice of studying your own body to see how it responds to small changes — has been gaining steam ever since Gary Wolf’s famous TED Talk in 2010.

Plus, those trackers and smart watches you’ve been wearing for years now are poised to become an even bigger deal. Wearable technologies are predicted to emerge as a $5.8 billion industry within the next three years. Ca-ching. Now that whole fields of study are now devoted to decoding which life hacks actually work, here are a few simple science-backed strategies that will help you sleep, move, think, work and live better.

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