Is Your Workout REALLY Burning Calories…or Just Making You Sweat?

You just slogged through a run in the scorching heat, you’re beet red, and you feel like you need to wring out your shirt. All that sweat must mean you worked really hard and burned a ton of calories, right? Errr, no. 

“‘Sweat is your fat crying’ couldn’t be more far from the truth,” says Baltimore-based exercise scientist Erica Suter, C.S.C.S. In reality, your extra sweaty bod could be the result of a lot of different things, like your age, sex, fitness level, the number of sweat glands you have, your DNA, or simply the temperature outside, she says. 

Instead of relying on your boob sweat to tell you how hard you’re working, follow these tips to make sure you're actually torching cals and getting fit. 

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