Keep It Cool This Summer With These 6 Hot Weather Exercise Tips

© Bonninstudio / Stocksy United

© Bonninstudio / Stocksy United

The sun may not show its face that often in the Pacific Northwest, but during the months when it does, you better believe Seattleites will be outside enjoying its company. Whether you’re taking a loop around Green Lake or Lake Union, or venturing out to the coast or into the mountains, the options for outdoor exercise are seemingly endless.

But working out on hot, sunny days can leave you exposed to risks like dehydration and heatstroke, says Christopher McMullen, M.D., sports medicine fellow for the University of Washington’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine.

“In general, I’d say that the benefits of exercise, no matter the conditions, seem to outweigh the risk,” he says.

In other words, don’t let the heat stop you from exercising, but take care of yourself out there. These tips will keep you moving safely even during the hottest mid-summer days.

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