Real Talk: Is There A 'Right' Age To Have A Baby?

Lots of decisions are no-brainers: whether you want fries or a salad with that, for example. (Fries. Always fries.) Wearing a condom for the first time with a new partner is another one.

But deciding when's the right time to have a baby...definitely not so cut-and-dry. (If only there were a crystal ball for this kind of thing, amirite?)

The truth: There's no ~perfect~ age to have a baby, so maybe stop with that thinking right now. Every woman's body and life circumstances are different. But there is one truth that's kind of hard to swallow: Women aren't fertile forever.

The fact is, some ages are better than others—at least if you're trying to get pregnant. Understanding your fertility, however, can help you make a choice that feels perfect to you.

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